Midwest Artist’s Lab Retreat — Day Two!

A beautiful Milwaukee morning!   After more niggunim, storytelling and tefillah with Josh we had an opportunity to choose learning sessions.  People could choose from the following:   The Life Memories Project with our own Pam Phillips Olsen,  Woof and D’rash — Weaving the Jewish Experience with Berit Engen from Chicago, Simple Movement & Intuition with Barbara Chudnow from Milwaukee, Torah Portion Art Therapy with Sherri Jacobs from Overland Park, Kansas, The Torah of Music with Joey Weisenberg from Philadelphia; or Wisdom and Light: Maimonides on Prophecy and the Artist as Prophet with Leslie Coff.

Sessions were interesting and provided engaging dialogue — and frankly, could have gone on for longer — but alas, it was time for a bracing walk to Chai Point for lunch!    It was about a 30-minute walk to Chai Point Senior Living — along the lake and among the bright leaves — where we were served a wonderful lunch before walking back towards the Milwaukee Art Museum for special tours.

We were lucky to have a special behind-the-scenes tour of the new sections of the Art Museum as well as the Larry Sultan Photography Exhibition.

Interestingly, this Kandinsky Composition is one of his 'spiritual' pieces -- where he engages with the idea of The Artist as Prophet....
Interestingly, this Kandinsky Composition is one of his ‘spiritual’ pieces — where he engages with the idea of The Artist as Prophet….

Such a wonderful afternoon at the museum — a blustery walk back to the hotel and ready for dinner.

Havdalah with Joey.

After a beautiful havdalah with niggunim and Joey Weisberger, we were privileged to attend the Song of Second Avenue: Yiddish Theatre’s Enduring Musical Legacy – featuring Hankus Netsky, Lorin Sklamberg, Joanne Borts and The Hebrew National Salvage — at the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee’s Zelaso Center (The former Congregation Emanu-El B’ne Jeshurun built at the beginning of the last century with amazing architectural elements and fabulous stained glass windows).   An amazing Saturday evening and a fitting ending to an inspiring day!



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